Gay frat boys are hard to resist

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Even if a guy is straight, after he gets drunk, it is really hard for him not to start sucking gay frat boys’ hard penises. Here is what happened last Saturday night when a group of twinks from the dorm decided to seduce a straight guy Edward. He didn’t even see it coming but before you know it a couple of drunk guys approached him and one of them in a basketball jersey pulled out his white cock. It was huge and soon Edward felt it deep down his throat which made his wiener 100% hard!

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It is time for this gay frat boy to start using his hands

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It was a nice party but the best part is yet to come. These drunk gay frat boys are ready to pull out their hard cocks and empty their balls but masturbating is getting boring. That is why they invited a new guy who wants to be a part of the crew. It is not that easy. First of all, he needs to show his skills to these gay frat boys and to get drunk in order to show that he can keep up the pace with them and satisfy their needs.

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Taping gay frat boys while having sex

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The best thing about drunk twinks from the dorm is that they are not even aware that a guy is holding a camera and taping them while they are giving blowjobs to each other on the floor! Mat is going to post the video on the internet if he doesn’t get what he needs and that is a nice blowjob from these drunk gay frat boys. It is not even blackmailing if you ask them because they enjoy sucking fat barely legal gay cocks and swallowing huge loads of yummy man juice.

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Well endowed gay frat boys wanna get drunk

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Everyone deserves a break and after a lot of studying these handsome muscular twinks just wanna have some fun. They are preparing the room for a big party where lots of gay frat boys are going to get drunk and who knows what is going to happen later… The thing they are hoping to happen is a massive group sex and lots of ass fucking! Nothing is more exciting than a bunch of shaved gaping gay rectums filled with rivers of white juice and a lot of rock hard penises ready for action.

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Three drunk gay frat boys on a bed

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The only thing that can make these drunk guys’ cocks hard is another hard cock. But why fucking with only one gay when they can enjoy fierce threesome action and feel two long pulsating white tools up their nasty slippery rectums. That is exactly how their plan looks like and the good news is that their favorite position is cowgirl, which means that one of the drunk gay frat boys has to sit on a long throbbing penis and start riding it while shaking his booty and moving his hips in all directions.

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